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Transform Shabby Sofas and Grubby Armchairs

Prestige Cleaning Services are the professionals who can revive your dull, dirty upholstered furniture, removing soiling of all sorts, house dust and grubby finger marks – even oil, grease marks, dyes and ink can sometimes be completely removed.

We recommend having your leather or fabric-covered upholstery cleaned at least once a year to keep it looking and smelling fresher and bright, extend its life, and ensure it is hygienic.

Before you decide to spend out a large sum to replace your tired sofa or loved armchair, consider investing in a deep clean done by our expert team of technicians who are fully trained, qualified and equipped with leading edge upholstery cleaning equipment and top-quality upholstery cleaning formulations. You’ll be astounded at the results when your furniture is revived and renewed for an affordable price.

Fabric Upholstery Care and Cleaning

There is a vast range of modern fabrics used to upholster furnishings like sofas, arm chairs, dining chairs and ottomans in our homes and places of work. When it comes to cleaning these fabrics care must be taken not to damage them in the process, which is where knowledge and expertise is of vital importance.

The Prestige Cleaning Services upholstery cleaning team assess the make-up of every fabric we deal with, analysing the fibres to determine the right cleaning solution to use to achieve perfect results, before we start the cleaning process.

Our careful preparation means that there is no risk of shrinkage, colour fading or changing, cellulosic browning or fibres being rubbed up the wrong way when we set to work with our state-of-the-art upholstery cleaning system which removes the dirt from your furniture.

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We are members of the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association).

Keeping Leather Lovely

Hard-wearing and smart, luxurious leather has become a top choice for upholstery in modern homes, especially for lounge suites and sofas. It’s a soft, comfortable material which suits all décor styles.

To keep its lustrous finish leather needs regular cleaning and maintenance. Caring for leather is a specialised job which our trained professional leather upholstery technicians are delighted to do.

We use the latest cleaning techniques, methods and products to keep your leather upholstery clean and bright. We are experts at cleaning all types of leather upholstery including suede, Nubuck, pigmented leather, aniline and semi aniline leather.

As part of our service, after cleaning we treat your leather furniture with a leather protector which provides a barrier, helping to prevent soil and spillages from penetrating the leather.

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