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Oven Cleaning FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know about oven cleaning.

How do I choose an oven cleaning company?

Ensure that the oven cleaning company you choose has been professionally trained and uses only professional oven cleaning equipment and 100% biodegradable oven cleaning solutions. Ensure that the company is fully covered by public liability insurance. Also feedback from existing customers i.e. testimonials is a good way of finding out about the level of service a company provides.

Are Prestige Cleaning Services a professional Oven cleaning company?

Yes we are a professional oven cleaning company. We have been in the cleaning industry for over 20 years and we are fully covered by Public Liability Insurance and are part of The Dirtbusters Oven Cleaning Network. The equipment and the oven cleaning solutions we use are of the highest quality and are 100% bio degradable, all our staff are professionally trained and qualified in oven cleaning.

How often should I have my oven cleaned?

Ideally we would recommend having your oven professionally cleaned every year. However it can also depend upon how much you use your oven, some of our clients have their ovens cleaned every 6 months and some clients who use their ovens less frequently extend it to 18 months.

How do Prestige Cleaning Services clean my oven?

Our technicians firstly carry out a pre-inspection of your oven both internally and externally. The oven or cooker is then dismantled as much as the make and model allows to comprehensively clean all parts only using 100% biodegradable cleaning solutions. Once the cleaning has been completed every part is reassembled and then the outside is given a polish.

Do you clean Aga's, Hobs, Extractor Hoods or Microwave ovens?

Yes we clean all ovens, cookers, Aga’s, and cooking appliances including microwaves and barbecues.

My bulb in my oven has gone can you change the bulb when you come to clean the oven?

Yes we can supply and change oven and extractor hood bulbs.

I have children and or pets will the Oven cleaning solutions used affect them?

Health & Safety is of paramount importance to us.  We only use professional oven cleaning solutions. The solutions we use are 100% biodegradable so no noxious odours or fumes. We do not use caustic or toxic chemicals, therefore the oven/cooker is safe to use as soon as we have finished cleaning it. We can provide COSHH sheets on each of the cleaning solutions we use.

When can I use my oven after you have finished cleaning it?

You can use your oven straight away, though you may not want to get it dirty again too quickly.

How much will it cost to clean my oven?

Prestige Cleaning Services have a set pricing structure, our costs are charged based on whether we are cleaning a single oven, double oven or what type of cooker you have.

How do I pay for my Oven cleaning?

We accept payment by debit card, credit card or cash payments.

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Please do give Leisa a call on 0800 228 9574, or email Leisa and she will be more than happy to answer any further questions you may have or provide you with a quotation.

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