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Carpet Cleaning FAQ

Everything you ever wanted to know about carpet cleaning.

How do I choose a carpet cleaning company?

Ensure that the company you choose has been professionally trained and uses only professional carpet cleaning equipment and solutions. Ensure that the company is fully covered by public liability insurance to protect your home. Ideally the company will be members of an affiliation like the NCCA (National Carpet Cleaners Association). Also feedback from existing clients i.e. testimonials is a good way of finding out about the level of service a company provides.

Are Prestige Cleaning Services a professional Carpet cleaning company?

Yes we are a professional cleaning company. We have been in the cleaning industry for over 20 years and we are fully covered by Public Liability Insurance and are members of the NCCA. The equipment and solutions we use are of the highest quality and all our staff are professionally trained and qualified.

How often should I have my carpets cleaned?

Most manufacturers recommend having your carpets professionally cleaned on a yearly basis. If you allow the continual build-up of soiling it will significantly shorten the life of the carpet.

How do Prestige Cleaning Services clean my carpets?

Our technicians firstly carry out a pre-inspection of your carpets and analyse the carpet fibres to find out the construction of the carpet.

The technician will then apply a pre-spray to begin the breakdown of the dirt within the carpet fibres, meanwhile thermal pads are heated in the carpet cleaning machine, once the thermal pad has been heated, a Reactive Neutraliser is applied to the pre-sprayed carpet area. This creates an ‘exothermic reaction’ which brings the soil to the surface of the carpet which the thermal pads absorb.

How long will it take for my carpets to dry?

Ordinarily most carpets are dry within 1-2 hours.

I have children and or pets will the cleaning solutions used affect them?

Health & Safety is of paramount importance to us.  We only use professionally manufactured carpet cleaning solutions that have been checked and tested. We can provide COSHH sheets on each of the solutions we use.

If I have my carpets cleaned will the re-soils again quicker?

The solutions we use are of the highest quality, effectiveness and specification which means they are made to remove soiling from the carpets.  General detergents which are not manufactured to use on carpets may well cause the carpets to re-soil.

How much will it cost to clean my carpets?

Prestige Cleaning Services charge per sqm (square metre) of the carpet areas we are cleaning. If it is a property you are moving out of or into and is completely unfurnished we charge an individual room rate for carpet cleaning.

How often should I vacuum my carpets?

We would recommend vacuuming your carpets on a daily basis.

What can I do to help reduce bringing dirt/soiling into my home?

To help reduce the amount of soiling onto your carpets from outside use good quality door mats both on the outside and inside of the front and back doors of your home.

What are the dirty marks around the edges of my carpets?

These dirty marks are called Filtration Lines and they are the build-up of soiling in the carpet fibres caused by the air circulating around the skirting boards and doors around your home.

What do I do if I have a spillage on my carpet?

The most important thing to do is blot the spillage with an unpigmented towel or kitchen roll and repeat this until as much of the spill is out of the carpet.  Do not ever scrub the carpet as this will untwist the carpet fibres and can leave it fluffy.  Once you have blotted out as much as the spillage as possible and call us for further advise or an appointment.

How do I pay for my carpet cleaning?

We accept payment by debit card, credit card or cash payments.

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